seeks to advance the Christian faith for the public benefit mainly within Anglicanism in England. seeks to serve in the following areas of focus for any of the 4 categories of Anglicans:

  1. Mission – Strengthening church leaders and congregations to respond effectively to Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations, especially where there are difficulties being faced by those wanting to plant new churches. We are currently in a process of selection with some church planters.
  2. Appointments – Facilitating appointments of Christian ministers, ordinands and other trainees, especially where inappropriate obstacles are being placed in their way.
  3. Fellowship – Providing support for God’s people standing for the Christian faith in their diocese, especially where many within the institution have abandoned biblical and revealed truth, thus undermining the basis of unity in truth; and by promoting unity in mission between churches. We are actively involved in planning the 2015 ReNew Conference which seeks to help plan for pioneering, establishing and securing healthy, local, Anglican churches for England.
  4. Money – Helping Anglicans to seek out appropriate partners in the gospel, especially where there are expectations of subsidising misleading teaching in the wider church.
  5. Oversight – Providing faithful leadership to God’s people in promoting and defending the Christian faith, especially where bishops who preside over doctrinal disorder lose the confidence of orthodox clergy and congregations.