St John’s Church, Hensingham ( supporting church)

Category Prayer Letters

Authors Fergus Pearson & Simon Walker

Added January 2018

Give thanks that the services and parties at Christmas went well and pray that the message of God’s love would have taken root in hearts and minds and that people would want to find out more about being a Christian.

1. Pray for Joanne, our apprentice, and ask God to bless her as she serves the church family. Pray that she would do so with wisdom, love and dependence on God for his strength and guidance.

2. Pray for the ‘Come to Christ’ mission in March that the plans being made would come together and that people would be saved.

3. Pray for Fergus and Simon that they would have boldness, sensitivity and compassion as they bring God’s word to us and as they minister to the church family.

4. Pray for the Chinese Fellowship and ask God to bless them as they meet for fellowship and Bible Study that each one would grow in maturity.

5. Ask God to grant grace and peace to the church family so that we would work well together and support and encourage one another in the work for God’s glory.