Becontree Church

Category Prayer Letters

Author Mike Reith

Added November 2017

Autumn’s a good season for evangelism. People are in when we visit. Christmas gives additional opportunities.

There is real joy in being part of a church that exists to evangelise. But it’s tough to maintain momentum. I need to wake up remembering hell is real and eternal.

Our elders had a couple of days together thinking through ‘The Vine Project’. We want folk in church to be ‘disciple-making disciples’. Reflecting on past experience, it is so easy for a church to put things on for the benefit of members. But I now see how important it is to keep turning everyone round to face outwards. Christians are not commissioned to be disciples, but to make disciples.

Therefore please pray…

  • For 1-2-1 conversations with church members that inspire and encourage individuals to be disciple-making disciples. Pentecost says they can be.
  • The starting of a new group for cocaine addicts with evangelistic love.
  • For Christmas opportunities. Apart from the usual services, we need to design an attractive evangelistic card to take to each home in our patch - because most people won’t come to a service. And we also have a special event we put on for local schools called ‘The Bethlehem Experience’. It’ll be great for many to come, and for this to lead to on-going opportunities after Christmas.
  • For pastoral challenges… for the confused people who have come in…. The diary is very full.
  • The spiritual challenge is that many who come think they are Christians already - despite evidence that contradicts the claim. The miracle of humility is needed!

Thank you so much for being a gospel worker in Dagenham as you pray and give.