St John’s Church, Hensingham ( supporting church)

Category Prayer Letters

Authors Fergus Pearson & Simon Walker

Added November 2017

Give thanks for the wonderful teaching from the “Solas” of the Reformation over the last few weeks and that we would all have been built up in our faith and understanding of the scriptures.

Ask God to bless Joanne, our ministry apprentice, in all she does with the church family. Pray that she would grow in her love for God’s word as she studies at the North West Partnership.

Pray for those who’ve attended the “Essentials” course that they would want to put their faith and trust in the Lord Jesus as they realise what he has done for them.

Pray for the newly baptised in our Chinese Fellowship group that they would continue to grow in faith and knowledge of God.

Pray for Fergus and Simon that they would be able to balance busy work schedules with evangelism and discipleship.

Pray for the leaders and children and young people as they learn about the things of God, have fun and build up friendships. Pray that each one would have open hearts and minds so that they grasp God’s message of love and salvation.