Trinity Church Scarborough

Category Prayer Letters

Author Lee McMunn

Added April 2017

Scarborough University Technical College

As we begin to close in on our first meeting as a church family it is striking that the next few months will be both very simple and very complex! Simple in the sense that we have a gospel to proclaim and so we would value prayers for confidence in the power of the gospel and that as a church we would be active in meeting new people in order to share that gospel. Things will also be complex as there will be a lot to plan, organize and prepare. We would value prayers that we would be wise as we think through the details of Sundays and other weekly activities but that we would not lose sight of the gospel which is of first importance.

We have started to build teams for various task and roles including Refreshments, Children’s Work, Sunday Set-up, Welcoming and Music. Whilst some of our church family have yet to join us in Scarborough and the teams will grow, this provides us with an opportunity to think through each of these aspects of a Sunday carefully and to plan them well. Please pray that each of us in these teams would be wise in planning and delighted to serve in these roles. Pray that through them people would be welcomed warmly into the church and the gospel would ring out all the more clearly.

We are also beginning to think through outreach and publicity more carefully. Please do pray that our branding and publicity and promotion video would be used to great effect and would lead to many people hearing about Trinity Church and ultimately hearing about Jesus Christ. Pray that many opportunities to answers questions and speak about Jesus would emerge from a presence in the main street of the town centre, pray we would get permission to do this and we would find many creative and helpful ways to engage with people.

We are grateful for your support to Trinity Church, Scarborough and the advance of the gospel in this region. Please do join us in praising God for prayer’s answered, encouraging progress and Jesus our great Saviour and Worthy King!