Trinity Church Scarborough

Category Prayer Letters

Author Lee McMunn

Added April 2017

Scarborough University Technical College

Dear Friends and Supporters of Trinity Church Scarborough,

Since the last prayer update a lot has happened and there are many things to be thankful for. We are very grateful for all the support we have received as we endeavor to proclaim the good news of God’s Kingdom. All of the prayer, encouragement, advice and financial support, we pray, will go toward the advance of the gospel and the salvation of people in the Scarborough area.

On Saturday 1st April we had a great day together in our new venue, the Scarborough University Technical College (see picture above). Please give thanks to God for; Teaching on Jonah 4, good times of prayer, deepened relationships, encouraging updates and some excellent planning (especially regarding the use of the venue). Please pray for continued and increasingly good relationships with the venue staff.

In terms of local things we are encouraged by those moving into the area who have managed to find jobs, please pray that God would open the door for others to find work as well. Please pray that these work places would prove to be fertile ground for conversations about Jesus. Pray for members of our church currently working (and those that will be) that they shine like stars in their work place and that people would want to know a reason for the hope they have. Pray for good community relationships, especially for those who have moved to Scarborough. In particular the McMunns open house later this month.

Finally please pray for good conversations and interaction with the Council regarding the Scarborough Beach mission. Pray that we have good contact with the University before September and pray that any Christian Students moving to Scarborough would get in touch with us soon as well. Please pray that our 18+ ministry would prove effective and that very early on we would see people surrender their lives to Jesus.

Thank you for your prayers,

Trinity Church Scarborough