St John’s Church, Hensingham ( supporting church)

Category Prayer Letters

Authors Fergus Pearson & Simon Walker

Added March 2017

1. Pray for those involved in planning the Kids Holiday Club the week before Easter that God would bless them with wisdom and vision as they bring the gospel into the lives of the children who come along. Pray that there would be good numbers, lots of fun, and a desire by the children to engage with the teaching.

2. Pray for Andreas, our intern, that he would be growing ever closer to God through his studies with the North West Partnership and as he serves the church family.

3. Pray for CYFA and their leaders that they will continue to grow and flourish as they follow Jesus.

4. Pray for Fergus and Simon and all who preach that they will be strong and bold as they teach us so that our lives are changed by what we hear.

5. Pray that the church family would grow in faith and godliness and that Jesus would be truly reflected in all that we say and do.