November 2017

Gathering a core team in Bristol

are supporting Carl Bicknell as he seeks to gather a core team to plant a new Anglican Evangelical Church in Bristol. Lee McMunn, our Mission Director, asked Carl a few key questions.

Why are you trying to pioneer a new church in Bristol?

Two main reasons: need and opportunity. First, need - we believe there is a great gospel need in Bristol and that the harvest is ripe. Bristol has a population of 450,000+. There are already good gospel churches in Bristol, but well over 95% of the city’s population are not part of any church, let alone a church that clearly proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ. We would describe ourselves as conservative evangelical, thoroughly convinced that God shepherds His people through his Word. We need dozens of Anglican churches in the city with these convictions, working together to reach the lost. Secondly our circumstances provide the opportunity to do this: I’m ordained and have completed a happy curacy; we have contacts and funding here in Bristol.

How are you trying to do this?

We’re gathering Christians to form a “Core Team”, whom we are getting to know, praying with, training, and planning together to launch a church more publicly in 2018. So far we’ve only really made ourselves known by word of mouth.

Trinity Bristol core team

How is it going so far?

Well, we started with four adults in total! It was a very small beginning, but it was a start. We have just over doubled in size in our first five weeks of meeting. More importantly, we’re feeding on God’s Word each week and we’re clinging to Him in prayer. Interestingly, we’ve met a number of people who have been out of church for a while but are interested in joining in with what we are doing because we are so small.

How can people support you?

We’re very grateful for any help. Three main ways spring to mind:

  1. Partner with us in prayer. We send a monthly letter with info on it if you want to sign up. The more pray-ers the merrier - it’s His work and we look to our God who graciously gathers His people.
  2. Send or recommend others to come along and join us. Do you know of someone moving to Bristol anyway?
  3. Come and be part of our little group in Bristol. We would love to have you, and you’d certainly make a difference to a startup church.

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