August 2017

and ACNA Partnership

They say there’s a ‘special relationship’ between America & Britain. But it’s gospel partnership that is very special. And the link wonderfully made it possible for Americans & Brits to go door-knocking together on the Becontree Estate.

The Americans were here to reach the crowds heading for the World Athletic Championships. One of them, Bill Adams got in touch with Lee McMunn (the Mission Director), and Lee put him in touch with me.

Mike Reith and Bill Adams

The American Evangelists are used to street preaching, handing out tracts, and getting into direct gospel conversations. One said his approach was ‘Hi, I’m Mark, and I want to talk to you about Jesus’ (to be read with an American accent!).

Our approach is very much more relational. Before we went out one American said he’d been a street preacher for years, but was petrified at the thought of chatting to people in their own homes. But afterwards he said this is something he’d like to try with his own church when he got back. Both teams were very encouraged.

AMiE and ACNA at Beacontree

And, for the first time on our estate, a door was opened by an American! We chatted to him for an hour, and I’ve been round to see him since. It’s an ongoing friendship, and it would be a real joy if he comes to Christ in due course.