August 2016

Statement from the Task Force of GAFCON UK

in response to the John Bingham’s article in the Daily Telegraph 29/8/2016

GAFCON UK warmly commends the initiative of Rev Dr Peter Sanlon and others from a number of parishes in the Home Counties to set up a ‘shadow synod’ as stated in John Bingham’s article ‘Parishes begin Church split’.

This is a grass-roots initiative by local congregations which is representative of the views of many across the country, and is in line with the concerns of Anglicans from the GAFCON movement worldwide as expressed in the Jerusalem Declaration of 2008 and subsequently.

The message being clearly conveyed is that: there are Church of England churches that hold to the unchanging truths of the gospel and the formularies of the Church of England; these churches oppose the relentless slide towards revisionism in the Church of England structures; these churches are prepared to take action to protect their congregations.

GAFCON UK exists to promote faithfulness to the gospel and provide fellowship for those who share this commitment, and it is for these reasons that we warmly commend this initiative.

Andy Lines
Chairman of GAFCON UK Task Force

Notes for editors
GAFCON UK is being set up in succession to the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans UK & Ireland (FCA UK & Ireland). Like the FCA it is affiliated to the worldwide GAFCON movement. Currently there is a small task force Chaired by Rev Canon Andy Lines.