May 2018

Family Fun at Christ Church South Cambs

What sort of an event might we be able to put on that will encourage whole families to join something active and fun?

That was the question we asked ourselves at Christ Church South Cambs this Spring and we came up with a Family Fun afternoon. With 65 people joining in for a round of three activity stations in the Gym and sports hall followed by some tea and a talk and then more activities for youngsters while adults would have a chance to chat.

The Three games were firstly a Giant Hungry Hippo re-creation with people taking it in turns to lie on a low trolley and be zoomed off into the gym with a laundry basket to try and trap as many plastic balls as possible in a set time. Techniques improved throughout the afternoon. The second was a Nerf Gun Target wall. All comers were supplied with guns and bullets (foam) or could bring their own and aimed down range to try and score as highly as possible. The third was an all-comers obstacle course with the soft play mats, climbing wall and bars all included. Some speedy times were logged and those by some of the smallest people.

We adjourned to the Lower School Hall for doughnuts, tea and a short All Age talk on Jesus‘ story about two people who went to church to pray. Only one of them went home ’right with God' and he was wasn’t the obvious good guy with the long winded prayer. No, it was the one who had stood at the back, hardly dared lift his eyes to pray and simply uttered from under his breath the humble words: God, have mercy on me a sinner. It was this one who’d come to church knowing he had nothing to offer to God…… whom God accepted forgave and restored to a hope filled life again. The one who came thinking he had something to offer went away humbled with nothing.

Over more tea and with a game of football running on the astro' and soft play still running in the gym we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon chatting to deepen our own friendships and welcome visitors.

Everyone is welcome any Sunday to come and visit our weekly service at 9.30 am in The Lower School Hall at the village college.