March 2016

To Go Forward We Must Go Back

GAFCON General Secretary, Dr Peter Jensen, has written a series of reflections following the January 2016 Primates Gathering on the fundamentals underpinning the basis of our faith. This is relevant not only for those in the GAFCON movement and the Anglican Communion but for all Christians.

This is the first in a series of six thought leadership and teaching papers:
To Go Forward We Must Go Back

"Since the Primates gathering in January I have been trying to assess its significance for the Anglican Communion.

“I am not alone in thinking that the GAFCON movement and its Primates played an important role in the outcome. But it is possible to lose clarity in the midst of all the talk and interpretations. We need to go right back to basics to be sure of our identity, our purpose and our policies as a Communion. We need to go back to basics to make sure that our witness is heard...” [Read More]