February 2017

Short films that answer big questions

The idea of living in a pointless universe without a personal God giving us purpose and protection is a frightening prospect to many. Whereas the possibility of belonging to and being loved by a caring God is absolutely thrilling. But how can we know the truth?

Mission Director Lee McMunn provides us with three outstanding evangelistic resources to help people explore and answer this question: A DVD course, online videos, & book (plus free leaders resources).

The key word is flexibility. These resources can be used in a variety of situations.

The book is suitable to read alone or as a group, or in a one-to-one, or even used as part of a large scale give-away. It includes helpful discussion questions.

The DVD can be used in groups, one-to-ones or as a large scale give-away.

The online videos can be watched or downloaded for free onto computers, smartphone and tablets. The videos include five short films and two visual presentations of the gospel.

The Essentials Guide explains what resources are available and is packed full of tips on how to use them. This can be downloaded here: www.lifeessentials.org.uk/resources

The book and the DVD can be purchased from www.10ofthose.com

Check out the Essentials website by clicking this link: www.lifeessentials.org.uk

Essentials was written and presented by Lee McMunn.